Ring Size Guide & Ring FAQ


If you would like one of my rings that isn't available online, or if you would like to discuss commissioning an extra special rings please enquire via instagram.  Not all the style can be replicated.



This website is really handy for checking or converting your ring size http://www.ringsizes.co/.

Our Ring sizes are measured by USA & CANADA sizesMost rings in stock can be adjusted half size larger. Contact me in instagram for this.


I suggest that everyone who intend to purchase polymer clay rings re-measures the dimensions of your finger, please do not directly convert the unit with your commonly used gold and silver rings.


If you are confused about size or anything, feel free to ask me question via instagram before purchasing.




1) Cut a strip of paper to approximately the same width as the ring. 

2) Wrap the strip of paper around your finger. 

3) Mark with a pen where the paper overlaps, measure wrap it tight.

4) Unwrap the strip of paper from your finger, and measure the length to the spot you marked.

5) Compare your circumference measurement to the US ring size chart (link above)



Our pieces are made of quality polymer clay embellished with crystal rhinestones after being polished and then covered with UV resin. The coating is waterproof and durable but not eternal, so if exposed to improper care that may accelerate the wear process, the coating will begin to fade more quickly. Polymer clay is solid, but not solid as stones, try not to bend, twist, put large amounts of weight onto, or tug on your pieces. We recommend that you take good care of each and every piece.


To ensure your jewelry continues to live its best life, try to avoid;

- All liquids including water, salt water, chlorine, shampoo & conditioner, perfume, soap, make-up, fake tan, hairspray, cleaning products, lotions, oils and oxidizing agents.

- Swimming, showering and washing your hands – always remove your jewelry first.

- Jewelry must be removed before any kind of exercise. Sweat is a complex, natural thing and it can speed up tarnish.

- Save them separately inside a cloth bag or its original box. This avoid scratches and blows. 



Return & Exchange

I cannot offer return for handmade rings. If you receive your piece and then change your mind about it, it can be exchanged free of charge (excluding postage and handling costs) for another item or store credit. The piece must be returned to me within 3 weeks of the original purchase. Returned pieces must be in their original condition and packing.